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Board of Directors

Steven Haft

Steven Haft is the Head of Global Partnerships and Climate Lead at ConsenSys. Steven served as a Web3 tech resource for UN’s annual climate conferences in 2018-2023 on behalf of ConsenSys. He is currently Climate Ambassador for the Global Blockchain Business Council and CoFounder of the Ethereum Climate Platform; announced by an alliance of tech and NGO partners at COP27 to accelerate climate finance at scale.

Haft is a long time Climate activist, and a leading figure in media, digital innovation, ESG and civic affairs. He was part of the team of student activists who co-founded the inaugural Earth Day. Until 2018, Steven was SVP Chief Innovation Officer at TIME Inc, and before that Chief Strategy Officer at AOL’s $1.2B Ad Sales Group. As a filmmaker, he developed and produced Dead Poet Society, Emma, Hocus Pocus, MADtv and Pirates of Silicon Valley, among other titles. He is a multiple Oscar/Emmy nominee, Peabody winner and Trustee Emeritus of The Sundance Institute.

Haft is a Fellow at HBS Prof Clay Cristensen’s Disruptor Foundation; Member of the Bar of the United States Supreme Court; and Member of US and UK Motion Picture Academies. He is holds a law degree of Juris Doctor and a Certificate in Leading Change & Organizational Renewal from the Harvard Business School.

Haft has worked for two Mayors of New York, served as a Board Member of the (White House) Presidential Scholars Foundation, and been a Strategic Advisor at both Edelman and Burson Marstellar.

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Bill Kentrup

Bill has been involved in Asia’s environmental and infrastructure markets since 2001 across Noble Environmental Solutions & Carbon Credits and as Head of Asia Environmental Financial Products and Head of Asia Renewables at Macquarie Bank and Macquarie Capital.

Bill has cultivated a broad and trusted network of sustainability leaders in the capital markets, private sector and government. More recently Bill has partnered with leaders in the blockchain space and focused on applying blockchain technology to the financing of infrastructure and environmental assets through the establishment of Allinfra.


Yorke Rhodes III

Yorke E. Rhodes III is a passionate technologist with broad interests, always drawn to the next shiny object. He earned a BS in Computer Science from NYU’s Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences. He has worked in industry for over 20 years, across large enterprises such as Microsoft and IBM and startups in wireless, mobile, digital marketing and ecommerce.

At Goldman Sachs Investment Bank he built their first wireless internet ingress and advised bankers in wireless, telecom and media. His perspectives are informed by his experiences as a young developer where he witnessed the beginnings of client server databases, OS/2’s demise, clamshell laptops, obscure languages like ada, lisp and paradox and the birth of the internet as we know it today.

While teaching about bitcoin for many years, his interest was piqued by blockchain during the summer of 2015 with the launch of Ethereum. He is currently Principal Program Manager, Azure Blockchain Engineering at Microsoft working on blockchain and looking at various levers to help mature and accelerate this exciting nascent industry.

Yorke is also an Adjunct Professor at NYU where he has taught Digital Marketing and Intrapreneurship and currently teaches Ecommerce with a healthy dose of blockchain.