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Board of Directors

Vanessa Grellet

Vanessa Grellet is a Global Executive with over 17 years of expertise in the Financial Services and Tech industry. At ConsenSys she focuses on Enterprise and Strategic initiatives including the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA), the Accounting Blockchain coalition (ABC) and leads the Blockchain for Social Impact Coalition (BSIC). Prior to Joining ConsenSys she was the CEO of IIH a Wealth Management firm, a key member of PwC’s global wealth management team and served as a corporate strategy executive for the NYSE managing a portfolio of strategic projects, partnerships and M&A focusing on Derivatives, Cash markets, Clearing, Listing, Market data and Regulatory reform. She is a former securities lawyer and worked for various regulators. She chairs the Nexus Working Group on Impact Investing, dedicated to educating, empowering, and connecting Next-Gen impact investors, philanthropists, and social entrepreneurs. Vanessa is an Advisory Board member of Cornerstone Capital, an ESG asset manager, sits on the Advisory Board of The Resolution Project dedicated to activating young leaders through social entrepreneurship and is a Partner at Acumen fund focused on impact investing. She is a Milken Institute Young Leader and a Young Leader Board member of the Off the Record lectures series (OTR) affiliated with the Foreign Policy Association. Mrs. Grellet graduated Cum Laude from Law School (Paris II Assas) and Business School (HEC).

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Rhett Godfrey

Rhett Godfrey is a director at the social impact firm Boma Investments. As a social entrepreneur, educator, published author, and serial-founder of several leading initiatives for impact, Rhett enjoys redefining what is possible through radical collaboration for social good. He has started and strategically directs several multi-stakeholder initiatives in fields as diverse as ethical fashion and youth action for the UN Sustainable Development Goals. His interest in Blockchain is social rather than technological, helping organizations form the human foundations of decentralized interconnected high-tech solutions.


Thessy Mehrain

Thessy Mehrain has been creating innovative digital solutions for more than 15 years across several domains. As Director of Product & Innovation at ConsenSys, Co-Founder of Liquality, and Founder of Women in Blockchain, Thessy’s focus is on increasing social and economic inclusion and autonomy through decentralized blockchain solutions.
Her project Liquality.io provides innovative protocols and Peer2Peer tools, ie a MultiAsset Wallet for frictionless accessing, managing and swapping of crypto across different blockchains.
At ConsenSys, she also worked on self-sovereign identity, supply chains, and with the Social Impact team. In 2016, Thessy founded ‘Women in Blockchain’, a decentralized global community that is governed by common principles to be a catalyst for women defining the blockchain space.
Previously, Thessy was the Vice President of Product Strategy at JPMorgan’s investment bank, worked with Occupy’s Alternative Banking Group, and co-founded Reviews.com, a scientific peer reviews system.
She is a multi-national who embraces the global culture of New York City.

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Yorke Rhodes III

Yorke E. Rhodes III is a passionate technologist with broad interests, always drawn to the next shiny object. He earned a BS in Computer Science from NYU’s Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences. He has worked in industry for over 20 years, across large enterprises such as Microsoft and IBM and startups in wireless, mobile, digital marketing and ecommerce. At Goldman Sachs Investment Bank he built their first wireless internet ingress and advised bankers in wireless, telecom and media. His perspectives are informed by his experiences as a young developer where he witnessed the beginnings of client server databases, OS/2’s demise, clamshell laptops, obscure languages like ada, lisp and paradox and the birth of the internet as we know it today. While teaching about bitcoin for many years, his interest was piqued by blockchain during the summer of 2015 with the launch of Ethereum. He is currently Principal Program Manager, Azure Blockchain Engineering at Microsoft working on blockchain and looking at various levers to help mature and accelerate this exciting nascent industry. Yorke is also an Adjunct Professor at NYU where he has taught Digital Marketing and Intrapreneurship and currently teaches Ecommerce with a healthy dose of blockchain.



Susie Batt

Susie’s career started in international development creating dive site protectorates in the Red Sea, ecotourism in the Siwa desert oasis, social awareness campaigns for solid waste management in Palestine, and Debt-for-Nature Swap finance mechanisms in Romania. These activities are now part of a larger movement to measure and foster the well-being of a community or society called “Social Impact”. After her work with The World Bank and USAID, Susie settled in New York City and continued to educate disenfranchised populations through tech transfer and capacity building programs. Then she read about Blockchain and learned that Syrians in Jordanian refugee camps were receiving World Food Programme aid via Blockchain which eliminated high bank fees for the UN, fraud and bureaucracy. She worked at ConsenSys Academy, the learning arm focused on driving knowledge of the Ethereum blockchain. Bringing together her passions for international development and blockchain, she is excited and honored to be on the Board of Advisors of BSIC.


Ravi Srinivasan

Ravi is a global technology executive and has over 25 years of professional experience in enterprise technology, business process services and consulting. He is currently a consultant and advisor in enterprise cloud, digital transformation, blockchain governance applications. In addition to his work with BSIC since 2018, he is a technology advisor to the Governance Group AS, focused on CSR initiatives globally. He is a co-founder and current treasurer of Stanford Startups New York, an alumni club focused on building the Stanford-alum startup and entrepreneur community in New York. He is  also on the Advisory Board of Konexio, a social nonprofit in digital skills training for migrants. In his prior professional career, Ravi´s background included cofounding OfficeTiger (sold to RR Donnelley in 2007 for 250mm) and Pride BPO – among the earliest business process outsourcing organizations with large offshore operations. He also program-managed a multi-year business transformation effort at Bridgewater Associates. He holds a MS from Stanford and a BSE from Princeton. 

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Adam Wiedemann

Adam Wiedemann is a civic technologist who takes a human-centered approach to advanced technology. Adam led several projects at the City of Austin’s Innovation Office. These projects include Austin’s Smart City Plan and the MyPass Digital Identity Project, a blockchain-based application that enables people experiencing homelessness to store important identity documents in a secure digital locker, and gives them access to digital notarization tools in order to transform scanned IDs into legally executable documents. Prior to his work in civic tech, Adam spent 11 years at Lexmark in such roles as Portfolio Manager for Advanced Technology, Co-Founder of Lexmark’s VR lab, and IoT principal architect for the Robotics division. He served on Lexmark’s software IP committee and help co-found Lexmark’s internal innovation team Adam received a BS in Computer Engineering from Purdue University.


Tegan Kline

Tegan Kline is the former International Business Development Manager and OXT Relations Lead for Orchid, an A16z and Sequoia-backed blockchain company. At Orchid, they are creating tools and protocols for users to obtain digital freedom and open and accessible internet. Tegan’s professional experience has been with Fortune 500’s and startups, most recently as Executive VP of a patent marketplace powered by blockchain, analyzed by AI. She began her career in Investment Banking at BAML and, prior to discovering blockchain, worked in Sales and Trading at Barclays. Tegan is working to redistribute resources and income using blockchain and AI with Nature 2.0, Co-Author and Partner of Blockchain Code of Ethics, Head of the U.S. for Triangles, a group that supports female founders and Ambassador to Buckminster Fuller Institute, helping to make the world work for 100% of us.

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Simona Pop

With a background in experiential marketing and creative strategy, Simona is passionate about the potential blockchain has in leveling the playing field in terms of access to information, resource and global opportunity. Previously the co-founder of the Bounties Network, Simona is Chief Engagement Officer for OST and the Pepo app and her work is all about broadening access to blockchain applications for everyone and empowering communities through token economics.

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