Solve MIT

Solve is a community that identifies and supports lasting solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges in learning, health, sustainability, and economic prosperity. Every year, Solve issues actionable challenges with the potential to affect millions of lives, and anyone in the world can submit their solutions through an open innovation platform. Solve judges — MIT faculty, industry experts, and civil society leaders — identify finalists from these submissions to become ‘Solvers,’ and Solve connects these “Solvers” with its community of leaders and change-makers, who have the resources, expertise, and know-how to get each solution piloted, scaled, and implemented. Find out more here.

In searching for innovative applications of technology for social issues, Solve often receives submissions using blockchains. Solvers within the Refugee Education and Chronic Disease challenge cohorts are actively developing technology platforms for diabetes care and credential management. Solve also aims to promote collaboration and a stronger ecosystem of social impact work through content expertise and a public platform for seeking and supporting innovation. Solve is focused on BSIC’s Energy & Environment, Inclusion and Refugees, and Financial Inclusion subgroups through our Sustainability pillar, 2016 Refugee Education challenge, and 2017 Women and Technology challenge, respectively.


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