RightMesh, incubated by multi-award winning parent company Left, is on a mission to bring connectivity to the next billion users and lift 100 million people out of poverty. Using the combined power of blockchain, mesh networking and our own MESH tokens, our team of 100+ PhDs, Scientists, Developers, Entrepreneurs, Business Strategists, and other experts in Canada and Bangladesh, are building a solution that will change the way the world connects. We are putting the power of connectivity right into the hands of the people with self-forming, self-healing, and self-regulating, mobile mesh networks that use various technologies in existing smartphones and IoT devices rather than relying on traditional infrastructure and Internet Service Providers. RightMesh’s platform and protocol enable decentralized communications, allowing true peer-to-peer connectivity, extending connectivity to previously unconnected remote locations and developing nations, providing a viable solution to support net neutrality, and enabling offline connectivity when natural disasters or regimes take down traditional communications infrastructure.


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