Everex.io is a business incorporated in Singapore which creates a distributed ledger, digitally recorded ecosystem of data in packages called blocks built on the Ethereum blockchain. The Company provides its platform as a service, and helps to build tools and software for users to be able to interface with its new blockchain based microfinance model.

Everex is the first fully transparent microfinance platform. Built on Ethereum blockchain technology and accessible from mobile devices, the Everex network allows anyone to request microcredit and send fiat payments from anywhere in the world. We offer technology and services within an ecosystem involving software applications to facilitate cross-border lending, remittances, merchant payments, and currency exchange. Our solution assists 2 billion underbanked individuals to build and improve their credit history on the basis of mobile phone data, granting them access with EVX to the global financial system for the first time.

Everex develops blockchain based p2p and micro lending platform based on smart contract-built stable coin (cryptocash) wallet.

Starting with cross-border remittances and p2p/retail payments, Everex collects and analyzes user financial and personal data as a basis for blockchain based credit scoring and lending offerings. By implementing this solution Everex applies to financial inclusion, access to capital in developing markets, including financial applications for Islamic banking.

Specialties: remittance, ethereum blockchain, B2B payments, cryptoasset, cryptoequity, merchant payments, transfer money, blockchain, currency exchange, p2p lending, microfinancing, and cross-border lending.

Our goal is to combine blockchain technology, abundant mobile infrastructures, and machine learning software, to allow billions of underbanked individuals in the developing world to access affordable financial services anywhere and to become part of the world economy.

In searching for innovative applications of technology for social issues, Solve often receives submissions using blockchains. Solvers within the Refugee Education and Chronic Disease challenge cohorts are actively developing technology platforms for diabetes care and credential management. Solve also aims to promote collaboration and a stronger ecosystem of social impact work through content expertise and a public platform for seeking and supporting innovation. Solve is focused on BSIC’s Energy & Environment, Inclusion and Refugees, and Financial Inclusion subgroups through our Sustainability pillar, 2016 Refugee Education challenge, and 2017 Women and Technology challenge, respectively.


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