ACTIAM is the leading responsible fund and asset manager in the Netherlands. We offer a comprehensive range of investment funds and solutions that extends from index investing all the way to impact investing. Through its responsible investment policy, ACTIAM and its partners seek to contribute to creating a livable world, both now and in the future. We manage money over the long term, including pension capital belonging to Dutch residents that has been entrusted to us. While it is essential to ensure that pensions can be paid in future, we believe it is no less important that the planet is still healthy and livable by the time people retire.

We are fully aware of our responsibility towards society, and we take this responsibility seriously. Therefore, we believe we need to stay on top of new developments and expend our knowledge in every direction. For example, progress of technology within the financial sector and more specific the evolution of blockchain is on our radar. We would like to gain insight into the topic and offer our help to the coalition as much as possible.


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