As a financial service provider, 216 (pronounced “two-one-six”) introduces knowledge, innovation and technology to further help entrepreneurs. The 216 computerized data-driven systems provide the basis for in-depth advice and advancing services for SMEs. 130 employees, spread over 12 offices in the Netherlands, look ahead with entrepreneurs in the area of administration, taxation, innovation, personnel, salaries, law, acquisition, international business and retirement.

With a partner we created a private blockchain platform based on Ethereum with smart contracts and APIs so POCs from various industries can be easily built and up and running for real testing. For example our customer www.loekonline.nl, active in management and maintenance of buildings, is using the blockchain for registration of parts of the building and many more. In this example the blockchain supports the circular economy. As 216 and our partners we strongly believe technology like Blockchain can improve society.


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