Welcome to the Decentralized Impact Incubator 2020

Feb. 18, 2020 – April. 22, 2020

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We are excited to announce the winners of the 2020 Decentralized Impact Incubator:

Challenge 1:

Peace & Prosperity

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Web-app enabling non-technical end-users & NGOs to contribute to token-bonding curves to support a variety of token incentivization and currency projects.


  • Amir Jumaniyazov

  • Cheria Essieke

  • Chris Seifert

  • Gustav Friis



Dapp coordinating and improving the impact metric of non-profit organizations that work with migrants to create traceability and to support migrants in becoming active members of the economy of recipient countries.


  • Nestor Bonille

  • Helmi Gonzalez

  • Inti Ruiz

“It was great to see team Abundance’s innovative approach and effort toward improving charity impact and transparency while leveraging local currencies.” 

— Celo

“We love that Bienvenir is working to create a financial system that creates the conditions of prosperity, for everyone. This was the motivation for creating Celo.”

— Celo

Challenge 2:

Plastics & Pollution



Reducing Plastic Pollution  through citizen engagement powered by a decentralized blockchain ecosystem and an easy-to-use DApp.


  • Renan Meirelles

  • Paulo Sousa


Rent My Tent

An online marketplace for people to rent and sell tents. People can sell their tent into the marketplace, their tent is represented by a Non-fungible token.


  • Rob Secord

  • Kelvin Lockwood

Challenge 3:

Carbon Footprint



Open & decentralized carbon accounting ecosystem. Accountability and automation of carbon offset.


  • Adam

  • Jan

  • Nick

  • Raphael



Supporting local communities to have easy and sustainable access to a set of new green job opportunities.


  • Ermia Saharkhiz

  • Bahareh Tavakoli

  • Amir Habibzadeh

  • Philippe Castonguay

  • Mohamad Mohebifar

  • Ali Hamidian

  • Leo Okakura

“A fantastic way to tackle a very complex issue in dire need of innovation and a great evolution for this project started at ETHLondon 2020.”

— Pepo

“It is great to see a project building towards a carbon accounting system. The Earth has healed quite a bit though shelter in place, we hope to see this project help the globe continue down a healthy path even after quarantine ends.”

— The Graph

Challenge 4:

Sustainable Cities


Lease on the Block  

Decentralized private ledger using blockchain technology to safely record and track rent-regulated apartments in New York City.


  • Redwan 

  • Gael

  • Zach 

  • Peter



A token-based gig economy providing an accessible labor market, identification, work history, personalized wallet, wage theft protection, and financial empowerment to the homeless.


  • Bill Sterling 

  • David Soth-Kimmel 

  • Alex Gardner 

  • Rahul Bishnoi

“Tackling a problem so many societies struggle with smooth UX is a fantastic outcome for an incubator project. We loved the timely updates by the team on Pepo as it gave us a great insight into their process.”

— Pepo

“It was very exciting to see a project like Wolfpack continue to evolve post EthDenver and into BSIC. This project gives me hope for a more open system that works for all members, not just those at the top.”

— The Graph

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for engagement with Pepo community






Lease on the Block  

“An important solution for the pressing problem of homelessness. We have seen homelessness soar in recent years and the flow of funds is broken. It’s great to see a few projects focused on this issue and actively working to alleviate the situation.”

— Pepo

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for leveraging The Graph technology







“We were extremely impressed by the Abundance team. We have never before seen such an evolved project come out of a hackathon. Incredible job!”

— The Graph

The Decentralized Impact Incubator is a 6-week program to ideate and prototype blockchain-based solutions to global social and environmental challenges. During the period, participants from around the world gather to form teams, design business models, draft proposals and code. Teams need to pass through weekly checkpoints and are guided by mentors throughout the process. Winning projects will receive grants to support continued development.

The scope of these challenges includes early-stage ideas for a product/solution, innovative business models, a timeline for sustained development, and if possible, a prototype, but not continuations of projects that are already beyond testing phase.

The Decentralized Impact Incubator is supported by members of the Blockchain for Social Impact Coalition (BSIC). BSIC is a 501(c)(6) not-for-profit organization that incubates, develops, and collaborates on blockchain products and solutions that can address social and environmental challenges across the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.



  • 6 Weekly checkpoints (which will guide you to create an excellent White Paper)

  • A 5-min video demo that covers:

    • A description of your early stage idea: The challenge of your choice and the overview of your solution.

    • An explanation of your business model: How does your solution create value and be financially sustainable?

    • Prototype / Proof-of-concept: A minimum viable product that captures how your product functions.

    • A timeline for sustained development: Roadmap for project’s growth beyond the scope of the incubator.

Scoring Rubrics

The Decentralized Impact Incubator will challenge teams to create more than just code. Teams will go through processes of market research, business models design, tech architecture outline and impact measurement, each of which accounts for a significant portion of the final score.


  • Capital: Our goal is a prize pool of $10,000 to the winner and to the runner-up of each challenge. This represents a total prize pool of $30,000+.

  • Mentorship: You will be introduced to our network of 100+ mentors and judges with expertise in business models, sector knowledge, technical, legal, finance, policy, research, project management, UI/UX design and beyond.

  • Visibility: Winners & runners-ups will gain exposure through all BSIC and Gitcoin social media channels.

  • Pitch opportunity: The highest-scored teams will have the opportunity to showcase their solutions in front of impact investors, NGO’s, philanthropists, and charities at the annual Blockchain for Social Impact conference.

Past Highlights

In past cohorts, 1200+ participants from 55+ countries have joined the challenge. More than 150+ teams were formed. 150+ mentors and 60+ judges took part in the process. 

A total of USD $100,000 has been granted to 16 winning teams.


Ethereum Developer Resources

The Ethereum blockchain has a robust set of tools and infrastructure that allow decentralized applications (DApps) to be quickly built and iterated on. This makes it a perfect fit for a rapidly paced hackathon exploring new and emerging applications.

  • Truffle – A development environment, testing framework, and asset pipeline for Ethereum.

  • MetaMask – A Chrome browser extension that manages keys and enables web-applications to interact with any ethereum blockchain network.

  • INFURA – Provider of remote Ethereum and IPFS nodes.

  • Solidity – A popular high-level language used to write smart contracts.

  • Ethereum JavaScript API – The API used by web applications to access the Ethereum blockchain.

  • IPFS – A P2P system that implements a filesystem.

  • Lightwallet – One implementation of an Ethereum JavaScript wallet.

  • ethereumjs-wallet – Another alternate implementation of an Ethereum wallet.

  • TestRPC – A simulated blockchain for fast testing and iteration.