Social Impact Comes to Ukraine

When – April 17, 2018




Blockchain for Social Impact Comes to Ukraine

Date: April 17th at 4pm

Location: TseHUB Address, Entrance through Store Citrus, Khreschatyk St, 29, Kyiv, Ukraine, 01001


– Rouven Heck, uPort

– Simona Pop, Bounties Network

– Constantin Kostenko, ConsenSys Solutions

We are going to review the applications of ethereum blockchain, identity with uPort and staking with Bounties for social impact in a society that has an opportunity for true democratization.


uPort is the leading blockchain identity platform. We are building a self-sovereign identity platform that provides users with a central place to to establish a complete digital identity and authenticate themselves wherever uPort is accepted. We are built on the Ethereum blockchain and are currently being incubated at ConsenSys.

Bounties Network

The Bounties Network makes it easy to outsource the completion of any task, from design and art to volunteering and environmental impact campaigns. We take no fees on the bounties created, encouraging any project incentivize participation in a open and collaborative environment. The Bountiews Network is a formation of ConsenSys, a blockchain venture production studio.

ConsenSys Solutions

ConsenSys consulting arm helps organizations across the globe build, test, and deploy public and private blockchain solutions. ConsenSys is also a founding member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, the world’s largest blockchain industry working group that now includes more than 200 members.

Blockchain for Social Impact

The Blockchain for Social Impact Coalition (BSIC) is a community of impact-focused entrepreneurs, investors, and humanitarians who convene to share resources, knowledge and cutting-edge blockchain technology in order to address global social and environmental issues.