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Celebrate Earth day with Blockchain for Social impact Coalition | BSIC

Join us to discover the winning teams of the Decentralized Impact Incubator 2020

Coinciding with the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, the four climate-focused challenges were: Mitigating Our Carbon Footprint, Designing Sustainable Cities, Peace & Prosperity, and Abating Pollution & Plastics

We are honoured to celebrate Earth Day alongside our partners Celo, KPMG and the UNDP.


Steven Haft – Climate Activist OG, Board Member of BSIC

Sep Kamvar – Cofounder of Celo speaks on “Natural Assets and the Future of Money”

Robert Opp – UNDP speaks on the importance of blockchain in climate issues

Fireside Chat with KPMG’s Sal Ternullo, ESG Expert

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The decentralized impact incubator activates a global community of developers, entrepreneurs, humanitarians, students, and makers, and supports them as they build social enterprises using innovative solutions to address some of the world’s most pressing issues.

The Incubator has in past years attracted over 1,200 participants from more than 120 locations and focused on solutions for reliable hardware, mechanisms for democracy, sustainable agriculture, and support for refugees. Winning projects, many of which are still active, include Nori, a 2017 Energy and Environment winner on a mission to reverse climate change by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere; Arcadia, a runner-up of 2018 Refugees category and winner of One World Award building p2p marketplace for NGOs and aid agencies, and many others.

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