BSIC Annual Conference – Tools for an Inclusive Future

When – September 16, 2020

Where – Online webinar


Join Entrepreneurs, foundations, NGOs, corporates, and impact-driven organizations for a day at the crossroads of Impact and Blockchain.

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Confirmed speakers include

  • Camila Russo, The Defiant
  • Yorke Rhodes, Microsoft
  • Houman Haddad, World Food Program
  • Vance Spencer, Framework
  • Karen Bhatia, NYCEDC Center for Urban Innovation
  • Michael Anderson, Framework
  • Alejandro Pardo, IADB
  • Tyler Mulvihill , Treum
  • Yaniv Tal, The Graph
  • Sheila Warren, World Economic Forum
  • Marcos Allende, Lacchain
  • Tegan Kline, The Graph
  • Priyanka Desai, OpenLaw
  • Stela Mocan, World Bank
  • Genevieve Leveille, Agriledger
  • Niran Babalola, Panvala
  • Elena Giralt, ECC
  • Ermia Saharkhiz, Treejer
  • Dennison Bertram, DappHero
  • Will Ruddick, Grassroots Economics
  • Andre Serrano, Electric Coin Company
  • City of Austin

And many more to come!

All proceeds are donated to BSIC a Non for profit to uphold Equity, Ethics and SDGs in Blockchain development

This year panels and discussions will include

  • The Values of Decentralization – what is the impact
  • Financial tools for all – how defi is transforming finance
  • Digital Basic Human Rights
  • How to create inclusive tech ? Understanding unconscious bias and discrimination
  • Blockchain for everyone: How do we get there ?
  • Blockchain and the environment
  • Privacy Tools and Government Surveillance
  • NGO Governance and blockchain
  • Community Currencies
  • How Blockchain solutions are helping support Homeless populations
  • Transforming digital identity into Self Sovereign Identity
  • Daos: Diversity and governance

Full Agenda.